Just A Little Something About Nothing

It’s funny how sometimes the stories that are the most deserving to be told are the ones that leave me at such a desperate loss for words. In theory, a year that filled me so completely should effortlessly translate into a filled page. Yet, here I am, dumbfounded in a coffee shop so accurately fulfilling a perfect writers cliché, and reaching at giving this year the literary justice it deserves. I could dismiss this need to reflect, but somehow I do not think 2015 would feel complete until I do. As if by escaping the pressure of acknowledgement, I am cheating the year of its closure. Closure to a year riddled with injury and mishap. Denying it recognition of the car accident occurring exactly one month before I toed the start line to The Bear 100; plaguing me with financial, physical and physiological repercussions that seemed to crash down harder than the totaled vehicle itself. But more importantly, this closing piece is an opportunity to indulge in the gratitude I feel for the wonderful people I have met in the last year. People who dug me out of the hole that misfortune (car accident(s), job complications and a lost friend) seemed to bury me in. Lastly, this is an opportunity to recognize that I am capable of dealing with any series of setbacks if I just keep moving. One day at a time, and even one step at a time. To take from RMR’s own Julia German in her memorable wedding speech, life is a lot like a 100 mile race. There will be times where you question what the hell you’re suffering for, but you keep moving anyway. Sometimes it’s for no other reason than not knowing what to do otherwise. But when the sunrises, or you reach an aid station (or get a new job, a new home and have found a wonderful community) it’s easy to realize what you’ve been moving for. Whether it is a finish line or financial stability, that hardship makes whatever accomplishment so much more worthwhile. Now, at the finish line of one long pity party and the start of a new year, I am proud to still be standing on two feet and excited to move on to this next chapter. So here’s to new friends, a new year and lots of long, healthy miles.


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