About El Gato

Hi there.

Many of my co-workers, fellow runners, family members and friends have recently (and somewhat aggressively) suggested that I start a blog. Although I have always agreed that blogs have the potential to become an effective means of exposure, I have neglected to start one and I can only attribute that to my own laziness. That is, until now. So welcome! I hope to share my opinions and experiences with whoever cares, as well ensure loved ones that I am alive and well with semi-regular life updates via said blog. With luck, I’ll be better at updating this page than I am at calling back/responding to all forms of messages. I understand that these are optimistic goals and I apologize for any past/future lack of communication. You must understand I am a very busy girl doing very important things, including (but not limited to) running, eating, skiing and learning how to properly chop a Christmas tree with a samurai sword (seriously). Some may disagree, but I think our adventures are inexhaustible and I intend to share whatever I can with you.
A little about myself: I’ll keep it short and a little bit sweet.
My name is Cat Bradley. I have many nicknames such as Pie, El Gato, Meow-meow, Kit-Cat, Kitten, endless other feline related titles, and BeRad (a self proclaimed nickname but it seems to be catching on). I grew up in Hawaii and went to school in Santa Barbara, CA. Currently, I am “dirtbagging it” in various parts of Colorado making money where I can and spending it more often than I should. Some call me ladylike however, most do not. I promise to be kind of crude, have food in my hair, leave trash in your car (this is not a conscious act and again, I apologize for any past/future trash left), appreciate your hot water with lengthy showers, sleep on your couch, travel, move impulsively, spend whatever time I can outside, try new things, write about new things, read a lot, talk a lot, cook good food for good people, and go on some epic runs.




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