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Salomon Running : Hugely honored to be a part of Salomon Running. They embody a playful and powerful approach to all outdoor sports, and in my opinion have the most dynamic collection of trail shoes. From big lugs to no lugs, from sticky rubber to “I stick to EVERYTHING” rubber, from light shoes to stable shoes, from to neutral colors to not-so neutral colors and every combination in-between. Pick your poison.

GU: “Waffle, Roctane drink, Gu chews.” Can’t tell you how many times I uttered those words in a race, no matter the distance. I’ve had some history with stomach problems this last season, all of which resulted in vomiting and underperforming. Using the “Waffle, Roctane drink, Gu chew,” approach, my stomach as been a non-issue for the first time in over a year.

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